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The Basic Things You Need to Know to Avoid Herpes Simplex Virus Disease Right Here

The Basic Things You Need to Know to Avoid Herpes Simplex Virus Disease Right Here

"After an exposure to herpes simplex virus disease it takes about two to twenty days for the first outbreak to occur. The extent of severity of this ailment is determined according to the immune system of an individual. Most people claim that the initial outbreak is usually more severe than the recurrent outbreak while over sixty percent of people are not able to detect herpes symptoms within the first month of attack.

Herpes virus is generally transmitted via kissing, skin to skin contact and sexual intercourse with infected people. This virus has been determined to be present in the saliva and body fluid of human.

Herpes Simplex Virus Disease
Herpes Simplex Virus Disease

This virus is classified into two groups such as herpes simplex 1 and two. Herpes simplex 1 also called HSV 1 is mainly the cause of sores around the mouth and facial area while herpes simplex 2 known as HSV 2 is responsible for genital herpes.

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The symptoms of both mouth and genital HSV are quite similar such as cold sores, fever blister, burning sensation, vaginal discharge and pain during urination for genital HSV. Herpes simplex virus is often confused especially for women due to the fact that many STDs have similar symptoms of HSV.

The sores found on the vagina can also be confused for insect bite, ordinary boils or other skin conditions. Other parts of the genital area this sores is situated are cervix, anus, urethra, buttocks, thighs as well as vulva.

The best way to determine if a person is infected with this virus is to visit a medical doctor for proper herpes test and checkup.

Your doctor will know the most appropriate medication that can be used to control this virus. Be aware there are lots of claims that many drugs can get rid of herpes simplex virus completely that is not true.

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Do not be mislead by anyone or advert you see on treatment for this virus. Once a person has been infected with this virus he or she will continue to live with this disease.

However, you would find lots of drugs and therapy that will go a long way in keeping this ailment under control. Some certain type of drugs tends to work better for certain people.

Let your doctor examine you and recommend the most appropriate drugs for you.

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One ugly thing about this ailment is that it will completely shape the way you live. Many things that you do without paying adequate attention will require utmost care because this virus is very contagious.

Infected person would have to stay away from cuddling and kissing people especially babies whose immune system is still weak. Infected person should not take other parts of the body with his hands because this virus can easily spread to other areas of the body.

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Do not have multiple sexual partner and always use protective measures. Never share bathtub and towel and always remember to take your drugs at the appropriate time.

It is encouraged that people with this virus should eat nutritious food in order to improve their body defense system against all diseases."

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